Bohemian Glass

Beauty of Hand made Bohemian blown glass has over 600 years of tradition.

There is no other branch similar to music like glass making.

By the mid 18th century Bohemian glass dominated world production and in the 19th century Bohemia became the centre for production of new types of coloured glass, blown glass and crystal. Bohemian glass, famous for its beauty and colour, has been in production since the 13th century.  It has a centuries long history of being internationally recognised for its high quality, craftsmanship, beauty and often innovative designs. Hand-cut, engraved, blown and painted decorative glassware ranging from champagne flutes to enormous chandeliers, ornaments, figurines and other glass items are among the best known Czech exports.

We offer art pieces exclusively manufactured in the Czech republic, where the finest blown glass and crystal in the world is made.

 Exclusively we offer a range of custom made individual pieces proved with certificate of uniqness (only one piece in the world)

All measures and colours can be custom made by order.

All designed and hand blowed by JP glass.