The only thing I’m passionate about is art. I choose this lifestyle when I was twelve.

"I do what I enjoy and I believe that I create a value."

I work with people who love art - with architects, collectors, as well as investors. I help people to create space with originality. As an artist, I try to capture the atmosphere of air and transfer it into the visible world. I work with a delicate touch of brush and hand. In the atmosphere of my studio, collections of interior design of ceramics, mosaics, paintings and glass paintings come into being.

From Bratislava’s “Šupka” (School of Applied Arts) I moved to the heart of Prague - to UMPRUM, it means, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, and then to Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Marseille.

Supervised by Prof. V. Šerák and Prof. J. Beránek, my works were definitely sealed by large formats, which are like a pair of scales: with colour on one arm and matter on the other. This is why many times my paintings are reliefs and objects, on the contrary, patina paintings. If you meet my paintings, you will meet me. If I weren’t living in the world of art today, I would find myself in “the second wing of the building”, being a ballet dancer. Nowadays, our three little ballerinas have been dancing in their ballet dresses instead of me. At our place, every day is marked by the rhythms of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. When the last one was born, I received the most beautiful greetings, saying: “Finally, one sculptor who understood that the children being born are the most beautiful statues.” Most of my life is more exciting than programmes on TV, so with our husband we haven’t had any TV set for ten years.

My works can be found in the selections of Slovak Design Centre, Slovak Union of Visual Arts, Parter Gallery, DAAD, Design Forum, Biennial Form Grand Prix, Architecture Week and in private collections presented at home and abroad. I’ve also designed the limited edition of BAKERO carpets presented in  Dubai and Maison & Object Paris.

My collection of paintings from Marseille was awarded in 2011 – in Italian Rassegna Internationalle d’Arte “Premio Citta di Porto Sant Elpidio”.